How To Get Dizzy

If you’re a new reader of my blog posts, I must explain that I write from my own experiences and feelings and try to connect with readers in a unique and sometimes playful way. Perhaps I’m trying to reach those who may have the same thoughts as I or haven’t yet realised that they do.

You may think that this title is peculiar and if you’re expecting a step-by-step guide on “How To Get Dizzy,” your wish is my command (with a twist)

Step 1.  “You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round”…. uh yep, that would work

Step 2. Someone is waiting just for you
“Spinnin’ wheel, spinnin’ true
Drop all your troubles by the riverside
Ride a painted pony let the spinnin’ wheel fly”… hmmmm perhaps something else was involved?

Step 3. “You make me dizzy, Miss Lizzy
The way you rock and roll
You make me dizzy, Miss Lizzy
When we do the stroll
Come on, Miss Lizzy
Love me before I grow too old” … Awww, that’s nice


Read each one carefully and ask yourself, “will these 3 steps actually make me dizzy or will I simply enjoy each moment?”

Recently, I attended a celebration event with 15 friends and family members.  We visited a beautiful city; the weather was lovely, the surroundings magical and the company fantastic.  For some of us, it was the first time spending 2 days in a row together, socialising and getting to know one another.

We played games, enjoyed good food, boogied a little on the dance floor and sang at the top of our lungs, even if it was out of key.  Nowadays, we’re all connected to devices to try and capture “moments in time,” which can be kept forever…  forever in a cloud, forever on our profiles and forever digitally.  I missed something… in fact I missed quite a few things to be honest, because I was connected in the wrong way.

I FELT present during each “moment in time,” but I wasn’t.   When we returned from this wonderful event, everyone was buzzing from happiness and we all hugged and said “farewell for now” and everyone promised to share each other’s photos and videos.  I was excited to see them and how each of us experienced our time together.  I was shocked, very sad and surprised at myself.  This was and is my wake-up call.   The videos in particular…everyone around me were singing together and I thought I was part of it.

The moments where I thought I was present, I was not.   I watched the videos and in each one, I was glued to my phone, while everyone was dancing and singing around me.  I felt sick. I wasn’t the only one, but it has hit me hard because I’m so passionate about being connected to people.

We rely on technology to make some things possible, that never were before and in a lot of instances, it’s truly amazing. My experiences of “disconnections” when I’m at work, on the train or anywhere for that matter have been baffling. A row of people on a train looking down with glazed expressions, people crossing the street engaged with their screens, who never notice traffic, work colleagues who sit in the lunch area not talking, but rather gawking. It’s not comfortable for me to watch this anymore.

After my wake-up-call, everything makes me “Dizzy” now. GIF’s, Emoji’s, face-swaps, quizzes, acronyms, which not all of us get. It’s like Vegas on the internet.   The one thing that all of these gadgets and gizmos will never do is replace a memory, a feeling and a moment, whether it’s happy or sad.   I will share a menagerie of selfies I’ve taken recently as an example and explain some of my points and the reason for this rather long and hopefully spirit awakening moment in time.

From top left:  1-Event (not present), 2-Sun on my face, on the way to our best friend’s wedding (present), 3-shopping with friend and fun with selfie mirror (present) 4-Selfie with friend trying to get best photo to post on Facebook (not present)

From Bottom left: 1-Bored selfie at home testing filters to make me look better (not present) 2-Me day at the local beach-happy with sun and toes in sand (present),

3 & 4- 2 more selfies for no reason and I couldn’t tell you what I missed, because I missed it amusing myself with snap chat filters (not present)

The moral of this story is, have real conversations, look up, look ahead,live in the moment and capture only things that matter.  If there is no person or experience attached, chose wisely as you cannot get time back.

Memories live on forever.

Thanks for reading

With love



Lyrics snippets extracted from Lyric finder 

1- (Dead or Alive)

2-(Blood, Sweat and Tears)

3-(The Beatles)


If keyboards could talk

shocked face










Many thanks to a fellow blogger who provided some very interesting ideas for my next blog, which you’re about to read.

We have officially reached the height of the computer age and if I had to guess, nearly 80% of our day is spent clicking and clacking on keyboards, tablets and smartphones. Yes, we’re hooked and it would be difficult for the majority of us to “disconnect”, without having a darn good reason.

Your keyboard is your friend right?  Abandoning it would be impossible with a PC and nearly impossible with a tablet or smartphone (unless you solely use voice recognition) and we all know how well that works. So I ask you, if your think about conversations, work emails, texts, surfing and tweeting during the course of your day, how would your keyboard describe you and your habits?

Are you gasping or thinking now?  Our actions using technology to communicate these days is almost automatic and perhaps this is difficult to answer.  Really think about it… perhaps I can share first.

I confess, I’m a key banger because I exert passion and determination when expressing my thoughts. (my co-worker’s will back me up here) I clack more than I click (meaning that I find it easier to communicate using a full keyboard, instead of a gentle click of a smartphone key)

Now getting back to what my keyboard may experience.. probably a lot of re-typing and back spacing because I never go with my first draft even with an email. My less productive clacking might see me posting random thoughts on Facebook like we all do. Perhaps something along the lines of “out to dinner with the hubby tonight” or “I can’t wait to see this show”. I also notice that my messages are delivered with a lot of (x’s and lol’s), which means I am generally a happy and loving person right? Maybe I’m just being polite or using proper techie etiquette. (except for work of course)!

We find ourselves communicating this way a lot, sharing our fun experiences, life events, expressions, frustrations and sometimes even sad moments. Our keyboard knows it ALL but never judges except when it notices that a few key letters have nearly faded. This can only mean one thing.. either you are really fond of those letters or these letters are half of your secret password, which unlocks many precious places. This might tempt us to change them, but we don’t because we will surely forget them! If only our keyboards could talk.

Stay happy^ Hands-on

Learning the Alphabet

I have recently been struggling to come up with a blog topic for  several weeks and thankfully,  a recent email from my brother prompted this article.

We both write blogs for personal and professional reasons and so the question and challenge is: How do you improve on your blog style to generate interest? (more readers)

As I tossed and turned last night, I started to think of the key elements that make ME want to read a blog and as you can probably guess, the alphabet has something to do with it. (one letter in particular) P… the beginning of many (P)owerful words.

What draws me to read a blog in it’s entirety and decide to share with others?  The answer is simple and contains several key elements all beginning with the letter “P”:

  • Personality-you must let your personality shine through… almost as if you’re in the same room with your reader and telling them a story. (Be yourself, a blog is not a user manual)
  • Pictures and photos-people are attracted to visual things that help them  imagine the story.  Take an ordinary book for example, raise your hand if you have purchased a book that contains pictures or photos… do you wait until you reach the chapter that contains the images or do you find yourself skipping ahead to have a peek? Have I made my point?
  • People- You must include a human in your story… someone to relate to even if you’re only talking about yourself (Consider your audience)
  • Passion-without passion for your subject, your blog will only be words… express yourself in an animated way so that your readers can almost hear your voice. If you don’t have a subject to write about, wait until you do.

There are many blog writer’s out there that profess to be experts and some of them are actually quite good, but a blog is your story.. it’s personal and poetic, it can be popular and perky but most of all it’s powerful because it communicates and teaches others about you, your knowledge and many other subjects that can now be shared across the globe by a simple click of a button.

Thanks for reading!


Across the Universe

New technologies have made it possible for individuals and businesses to communicate globally, but how do we make the most of this instant communication?

Looking back, I remember having to post a letter to a friend, family member or customer and thinking.. I wonder when I’ll receive a reply or acknowledgement to my invitation or enquiry? Patiently waiting for a letter in the post seemed normal and in a way, it was exciting to see a paper envelope addressed to you.  I remember as a kid buying decorated stationary and a special wax seal to close the envelope… boy, how times have changed! I recently wrote a 3 page story using a pen and actually got a hand cramp! Remember those?

Email technologies shortly followed in the late 80′s early 90′s and it was amazing to receive a reply within minutes or at least hours! How amazing to send a letter to someone and not have to lick an envelope or peel a stamp! Anyone in the world could receive a message from you if they had access to email and this my friends opened up a whole new world.

Wait, it gets better as you follow me through my time-line of wonder…  what about aol aim, msn messenger and yahoo instant messenger? These instant tools or applications that frequently came with your “free” email account allowed us to type speak in real-time to anyone in the world! No waiting, no stamps, no phone charges and no hand cramps! Some included video and microphone capability, but that was only the beginning.

Now we all know what happened after that, but I wanted to remind all of you where we began. Enter the big boys>> Skype, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Four square, Flicker and now probably a hundred more to choose from. The world we live and work in has changed drastically… but do we make the most of it and how can we personalise our interactions?

How we have evolved:

  • We can see each other and talk to each other using our computers from anywhere in the world
  • We can network and refer clients to anyone in the world without leaving our home
  • We can let people know where we are in the world, share photos and offer reviews of a place or service
  • We can share everything, everywhere with anyone
  • We can even look for a job or recruit people without leaving our chairs..

What we shouldn’t forget to do:

  • Keep your personal life separate from your professional life (your clients don’t really want to hear that you “lost your lunch” on a night out)
  • Pick up the phone once in a while
  • Clean up your friends list, contacts etc (Do we really keep in touch regularly with 1000 people?) Keep relevant contacts and place them in lists if your connected on Facebook
  • Attend networking events to keep the face-to-face relations alive (You’ll also make new friends or contacts)
  • Stay in touch regularly with your friends and best clients (taking on too much social networking can harm your real-life relationships)

Most importantly… share, collaborate and partner with those local to you. Helping one another is the most positive and powerful way of communicating.