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Lobstah  A word of thanks goes to my new audience members who helped provide some inspiration for this post!  “Lobstah”, as it’s known in its native area Maine, USA has been a luxury food item for many years.  I for one can never get enough of it when I’m visiting my family in the states.

When I was a struggling student in Portland, Maine, I used to visit the local fish market that would sell “lobster bodies” (5 for $1.)  Essentially, these were freshly cooked lobsters, minus the claws and tail.  A lobster lover and a “Mainer” as they are known, would tell you that it doesn’t matter if the common pieces are missing… it’s still lobster down to the last morsel.

Lobster in England is a very different story…there’s no love, appreciation or fanfare for the poor but delicious clawed delicacy here! (In my experience anyway)

It’s also extremely expensive, even when you opt for our Scottish neighbor’s version.  So…. using my favourite meal as a prequel, how can we as lovers of good cuisine enjoy luxury food on a budget? It can be done… trust me!

Your cost can be drastically reduced if you commit to cooking from scratch at home,instead of turning down a meal in a fancy restaurant.  For instance; luxury foods items such as caviar, smoked salmon, filet mignon, pate, truffles, saffron, lobster and even good wine can be enjoyed on a budget if you look and plan.  By the way, Shiitake mushrooms or ground hazelnuts are a good alternative to truffles! Check your local fish markets for caviar too!

I am so thankful that I was exposed to a wide variety of culinary delights when I was growing up.  My family and I LOVE good food… so much so that it has become the centre of our events and visits with one another.  I’m laughing to myself right now thinking  of my husband with a very limited palate, who experienced mealtimes with my family for the very first time years ago. Whilst eating breakfast, we discuss perhaps what we’ll plan for lunch and at lunch we plan the family dinner feast! (Having a “nosh” in between meals is not unusual either, thanks to our Jewish heritage)

Tastes are important. Food doesn’t need to be expensive or luxurious to be enjoyable. Freshly cut seasonal fruits and nice middle-of-the-road cheeses with a  zippy wine in the summer is wonderful! Frozen baby shrimp or prawns with mussels, marinara sauce over angel hair pasta.. IS delicious too!

So the moral of this story is… if you love good food but want to avoid the high cost…. create your own luxury with foods that are fresh and accessible, recipes that are simple and adaptable and most of all tasty!

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