About me

Hello and welcome!

About me:

Originally from the states, I emigrated to the UK in 2003 and feel as though I’m a “local” now.  It wasn’t an easy transition leaving family, friends and familiarities behind but I have found that you can make your home anywhere that your heart is.

Creative blood runs in my family and as I’ve gotten older, I have realised that expressing yourself through words can be just as fulfilling as social interactions.  My passion in life is helping people and acting on my curious nature by asking a lot of questions!

With an unusual child-like mind, I am able to stay youthful and enjoy the simple and sometimes “silly” things in life.  I am a true Libra through and through, which enables me to get a long with pretty much anyone and attentively listen to those who need a kind ear.

If I can infect people with positivity, I am happy.


5 thoughts on “About me

      1. Are you on Twitter or facebook? I would love to connect!! facebook.com/rookienotes or @rookienotes. Hope you stick around 🙂

  1. Twitter is best, as I reserve my FB for family etc. You can follow me @Handsonoptimist and I’ll follow you back. I hope to make more time for blogs so stick around 🙂

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