5 money- saving tips anyone can follow

Hello readers! I was contemplating writing another business related article and then I thought… Nah, I’ll write something that everyone can relate to.

I’d like to add that the tips I’ll be sharing with you is not rocket science and as an added bonus, its environmentally friendly too!

Tip 1) Save your suds- Instead of rinsing out your shower gel, shampoo or bubble bath bottle’s when it still has some product left, use it to clean your hand wash only items.  (your clothes will have your favourite scent and at the same time you’ll be saving money by not purchasing a separate hand wash liquid)  

Tip 2) Plastic fantastic- What about those plastic bags you get from the supermarket for your fruit and veg?  You throw them out right? DON’T…. use them instead to wrap your lunch sandwiches or to protect certain leaky items from spoiling your clean fridge. (saves you from buying special sandwich bags and wasting your cleaning liquids to remedy spills you could have prevented.)

Tip 3) Walk this way-
Light coloured canvas trainer’s.. we all have them and the moment they get muddy or stained they end up in the trash.  A little loving care will add a few more months to their delicate life.  Pre-treat them with your normal laundry soap and machine wash them by placing them in a pillow case with other items such as; towel’s or bath mats.  Once they are dry they will be clean, fresh and ready to enjoy again!

Tip 4) Fill-er-up- Travelling?  Looking for travel- sized toiletries?  No need to buy special mini brand shampoo’s, shower gel’s etc for nearly the same price as a full size bottle.  Save those little bottles from Christmas gift sets OR if you’ve already used the gift set items,  rinse and save the bottles, which can be re-filled with your products.  (saves buying expensive convenience products and those little travel set bottles that are impossible to fill)

Tip 5) Shine a light on me- Okay so I was saving the semi-festive tip for last…the holidays… wonderful as they are,  many of us go all out when decorating our front windows to try to out sparkle our neighbours.  The problem is, as it gets colder and we draw our curtains to keep the draft out we realise that our windows get neglected and that includes cleaning them regularly. Time to clean the windows!  But what will you use that doesn’t leave particles of paper towel dust behind? Your local newspaper will do the trick! I’m sure this is not “news to you”, but think about it… in the age of recycling instead of throwing paper towels (money) away, you can put your window cleaning used news in the recycling bin.

Estimated savings for items used per month based on my own calculations = £11.70  Feel free to convert to your own currency 🙂

Personally, I could use the savings for almost 4 round-trip journey’s through the tunnel or treat myself and my husband to a take out meal on a Friday night!

So there you have it.. 5 money-saving environmentally friendly helpful tips from me

What will YOU do with the money saved?

Thanks for reading