Learning the Alphabet

I have recently been struggling to come up with a blog topic for  several weeks and thankfully,  a recent email from my brother prompted this article.

We both write blogs for personal and professional reasons and so the question and challenge is: How do you improve on your blog style to generate interest? (more readers)

As I tossed and turned last night, I started to think of the key elements that make ME want to read a blog and as you can probably guess, the alphabet has something to do with it. (one letter in particular) P… the beginning of many (P)owerful words.

What draws me to read a blog in it’s entirety and decide to share with others?  The answer is simple and contains several key elements all beginning with the letter “P”:

  • Personality-you must let your personality shine through… almost as if you’re in the same room with your reader and telling them a story. (Be yourself, a blog is not a user manual)
  • Pictures and photos-people are attracted to visual things that help them  imagine the story.  Take an ordinary book for example, raise your hand if you have purchased a book that contains pictures or photos… do you wait until you reach the chapter that contains the images or do you find yourself skipping ahead to have a peek? Have I made my point?
  • People- You must include a human in your story… someone to relate to even if you’re only talking about yourself (Consider your audience)
  • Passion-without passion for your subject, your blog will only be words… express yourself in an animated way so that your readers can almost hear your voice. If you don’t have a subject to write about, wait until you do.

There are many blog writer’s out there that profess to be experts and some of them are actually quite good, but a blog is your story.. it’s personal and poetic, it can be popular and perky but most of all it’s powerful because it communicates and teaches others about you, your knowledge and many other subjects that can now be shared across the globe by a simple click of a button.

Thanks for reading!