8 Golden rules

Now, we all agree that great customer service is imperative to your business and believe it or not, we have been providing this service for many years without even realising it.

Take the photo as an example… as children when we are taught to use the telephone we are instructed to say hello, ask who the caller is and most importantly, be polite.  Simple concept really… but as we morph into our teen years the communication may change slightly to: “Ma, phone”… Ma asks, “who is it”?  and our teenager responds, “I didn’t ask, but it’s not for me”.  Interesting….

So, the teenager grows a bit older and eventually gets their first job… by which the first order of business during their job induction is, how to answer the phone and deal or speak with customers.  Sound familiar?

Now, with all of this training from our wee years, you would think that we would all be experts wouldn’t you?  Well… there comes a time when a memory lapse occurs and the worst thing that can occur is for us to treat our callers or visitors like an interruption or inconvenience.

Here are 8 golden rules to help you stay focused:

  1. Answer the phone (make sure that someone picks up the phone in your business by the 3rd ring)
  2. Keep your promises (Reliability is the key to good relationships)
  3. Listen to your customers (It’s not about what you can offer, it’s about what your customer need’s)
  4. Be helpful (even if it means you’re not getting an immediate benefit, your customer will remember this)
  5. Train your employees (product and service knowledge=confidence AND it shows that you care about how your staff are representing your company)
  6. Go the extra mile (If you don’t offer a particular product or service, recommend someone who you know and trust that can)
  7. Handle complaints correctly (A complaint may feel bad, but it also gives you and the company an opportunity to learn and improve)
  8. Offer something extra (A discount, a smile or advice… any of these will help you to retain your loyal customers and win new ones)

Thanks for reading and thanks to my big sister for the perfect pose!


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