These keys will open doors

It’s 2:30 pm on a Saturday and once again, I find the need to express my feelings about a topic that runs through my very being.

Customer Service…. now before you think this is another “business” blog about how to deliver great  customer service, let me re-assure you that I’ll be taking you on a different journey all together.

Great customer service  can not always be taught in the traditional way… it is a characteristic of who you ARE.  What I mean by that statement is, although you may intend to be courteous, polite and kind to others in the business world and within your personal lives, an individual has to be raised with a strong foundation of kindness, the  desire to be a good listener and a people pleaser in a genuine way. These building blocks allow a person to grow and develop to an exceptional level.

Here are a couple of positive examples:

1) Personal life: You visit the grocery store and as you begin walking down the cereal aisle, you notice a person who is shorter than you struggling to reach the item they want. They begin looking around for a store assistant to help them… but there is no one in sight.  YOU come to the rescue (because you’re taller and can easily reach the item) and say to the shopper, “Let me get that for you”.  The other shopper is grateful and delighted that someone took notice of their struggle and went out of their way to help.  Kindness is the “key”.

2) Professional life: A customer contacts your office asking for a particular service that your company does not offer. They mention briefly that an associate of their’s recommended you and were told that you definitely carry out this function. After you have “listened”, you begin  explaining some of the services you DO provide and tell them that you’re sorry for the mistake their associate has made. You  ask them a few more questions to help determine the company they are looking for. (Google comes in handy for that)  Area, service and perhaps other clues that could help…. Eureka! You find the company and contact details and happily present them to the caller. The caller was not expecting you to go out of your way, but you did it because you exude excellent service qualities.  This wrong number caller now becomes an “open door” and you were the “key”.

These two examples are quite different, but both of them clearly show you the type of people recommended  for customer-facing or customer service roles.

  • Helper’s
  • Listener’s
  • Carer’s
  • Problem solver’s
  • Do- gooders

The qualities above were instilled in me as a child; which is slowly diminishing in today’s society.  These qualities my friends are the “keys” that will most definitely open doors both in life and business.

As a child and young adult, I was raised to  say please, thank you and you’re welcome or excuse me in every social situation.  It is who I am and who I will always be.  I do have to admit that when I was little, the word “please” if said a certain way became a persuasion tool! (but that’s another story)

Thanks for reading,



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