If lost, leave a trail

Have you ever thought about who you are and what your purpose in life is?

I know this topic is rather deep, but I’m confident that everyone has explored themselves at least once in their lives.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you doing what you’ve always dreamed of?
  • Is your family life content and complete?
  • Have you found your soul mate in life?
  • Are you happy with the person you’ve become?
  • Do you challenge yourself personally and professionally?

All good questions I know, but how many of us will answer YES to all of the above?

I’m not saying that if you don’t answer yes to all, you have failed…what I am saying is; when was the last time you actually asked yourself these questions and explored the answers?

Let’s move on, because I’d like to explain the subject title.

If you have no answers and are feeling somewhat lost in life, it’s important to leave a trail.  Hang in there… I’ll explain this.

Leaving a “trail” means that even if you explore areas in your life that you haven’t yet reached to your satisfaction, you can always go back to your comfort zone. For example; if you challenge yourself to try something new and don’t succeed, you haven’t lost anything.. you can always go back knowing that at least you tried.

The same goes for love… and of course your professional life.

Finding yourself and your true purpose is slightly more difficult, but the best remedy is being honest with yourself.  Be positive, find your strengths and be realistic with your goals and aspirations.

You cannot change some decisions that you’ve made in life, you have to accept that you’ve made them for a reason (a gut instinct) and move forward towards a life that can be very fulfilling.

The best tip I can give you is: Don’t be hard on yourself for not achieving all that you dreamed of… but rather make the most of what you have achieved and enjoy your time on this planet.

Thanks for reading,


3 thoughts on “If lost, leave a trail

    1. Thanks for your comment:) I wouldn’t necessarily call it “failure”, but rather something that didn’t happen for a reason. (possibly caused by indecisiveness, timing or lack of confidence). I do agree that it’s important to move forward and make the most of what you do have.

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